February Creations

I can’t believe February passed by so quickly, well at least to me. May be because this blog is keeping me very busy I can’t seem to notice days and weeks passing by. This blog is giving me lots of satisfaction and I am enjoying a lot. It is not always rosy though, Continue reading


January Creations

Hello Everyone! I am loving this experience of sharing my creations with you all. These past few years I have been crafting a lot and decided to share that excitement with friends and like-minded people of the World Wide Web. My first plan was to have more crafty posts, but also wanted to have recipes in there. Once I got to work, I got carried away with the idea of presenting my recipes.  It is not that my recipes are unique, but I put lot of love and attention to the dishes I am make, and this shows in the way they turn up. So I wanted to share my way of making some of these dishes.

I started with Coriander Pickle, one of my most requested recipes to be made for pot-lucks by my friends. The way it is made, this pickle has longer shelf life than usual chutneys. But, we never get to test it, as it disappears in a week. At least I can guarantee that it stays fresh, without losing its flavor for a week when you don’t compromise on quantity of salt and red chillies along with tamarind. So, give it a try, and share your thoughts.

My other dish Bendakaya Vepudu (Bendi Fry) (Okra fry) is another recipe, I was looking forward to share. My family liked it so much; it is much different than the bendi I make (I have made bendi with onions, with my regular ‘koora podi’ (curry powder), and bendi masala).  This is definitely a recipe you want to add to your list.

Idli Podi is another item I always follow according to the measurements I have come up, so that I get the exact taste. I was about to make this ( Idli podi is usually done about in 3 to 4 weeks) and  it suddenly occurred to me that there might be few who could benefit from this recipe.

I enjoyed experimenting with Banana Bread and really enjoyed eating it. It is a wonderful bread/cake without eggs. It is also a hit with calorie conscious people, because there is no butter and very less oil. The next version of banana bread I want to share would be with sooji (I haven’t made this kind in years, I have completely forgotten about it). So, I would share this in near future, once I perfect it.

There is one more recipe I want to share which I documented after Sankranti festival – Coconut Laddu/Kobbari Unda as I had fresh coconut. A simple dish with few ingredients.

Last but not least I finally managed to photo shoot my Gift Box, which is a simple way to present small gifts. Definitely a project to work with kids. More gift boxes are on the way in the near future.

These are all the projects I could work on this month, the ones I could get blog ready. Hope you’ll find something which interests you.

Welcome Friends!

Hello Everyone! I am so excited about this blog. This is a wonderful way to share what I do with like-minded folks all around the world. I love working with paper – which made me try paper flowers, tissue paper flowers, card making, and recently quilling. Continue reading