MintToordaal Chutney

KandiPudina Pachadi

Kandi pachadi is chutney made from toor daal, and is served with rice. This Pachadi is coarse and slightly thick in consistency as opposed to chutneys made for idlis and dosas. It is very common and mostly liked by all in Andhra families. It is easy to make and requires very few ingredients. Continue reading



In most telugu homes, we have this curry powder (koora podi) prepared and kept in an air tight container. This is very versatile podi, as it can be sprinkled on lot of cooked vegetable curries like okra (bendi), tindora (dondakaya), beans, cabbage and capsicum. It also tastes wonderful on eggplant (brinjal) curry; Continue reading



In most homes and almost every restaurant, chutneys for south Indian tiffins include combinations of peanuts, roasted gram daal, coriander leaves, and coconut.  As far as my husband and I am concerned peanut chutney is our favourite alternated once in a while with coconut chutney. But I avoid peanuts and coconuts as both my kids Continue reading

BeerakayaPachadi/RibbedGourd Chutney

Here is the recipe for another chutney/pachadi – Beerakaya Pachadi (Ribbed gourd Chutney). It is a very common pachadi and very much liked by telugu families. As I said in my previous chutneys’ posts once you make AvaMenthiPodi/RaiMethiPowder and keep it, it is very easy to make this or any other chutney. Continue reading

Coriander Tomato Chutney/Kothimeera-Tomato Pachadi

Today’s recipe is kothimeera-tomato pachadi(coriander-tomato), versatile chutney which goes well with many main dishes. I sometimes make similar chutney, but just doubling the tomatoes quantity and reducing the coriander leaves. Continue reading


Once you make this powder and keep it handy, making andhra style chutneys (roti pachadlu) is no sweat. I can confidently say these are the secret ingredients to all homemade chutneys in telugu families. Continue reading

Idli Podi


Idli Podi (Idli Powder)

Hello Friends! Today, I am posting a recipe for Idli Podi, which comes in handy, especially during busy times. In our home, it is a staple food. This is one of those recipes, on which we (my mother-in-law and I) worked really hard to get the taste as close as Priya Idli Podi as my son was used to that taste. Continue reading