Diwali, which means sweets all around. This is of the sweets this year for the Diwali, so decided to post the recipe of ‘Double ka meeta’, the way I make. ‘Double ka meeta’, is one of the delicious desserts which is popular with kids and adults alike. It is made with everyday ingredients but is considered ‘rich’ and ‘popular’ desserts because of the taste. Continue reading



Today I am going to post ‘Sunnundalu’, one of the traditional sweets of Andhra Pradesh. I loved this urad dal laddu (MinapaSunni) as a child very much but did not make this very often all these years; thinking it takes lot of ghee. Continue reading

Moongdal paayasam

Hello Friends! Recently, I wanted to take a dessert for a get-together but did not plan anything ahead. So I was going through my pantry, looking at the ingredients and thinking what kind of dessert I could make from them. Finally decided to make moongdal paayasam or pesara pappu paayasam Continue reading

Apple RavaKesari/Apple SoojiHalwa

Rava kesari is very common for festivals and poojas. It is very common but one which never gets old. In fact it brings all those sweet childhood memories back. As it can be made in a jiffy (especially if you have roasted sooji)

Continue reading

Chakkara Pongali

I always make chakkara pongali with moong dal (pesara pappu); I had to improvise and make it with channa dal because I was out of moong dal. To my surprise, the taste was equally good, so here is the recipe. Continue reading

Coconut Laddu/Kobbari Unda


 Hey folks! I am here with Coconut Laddu (Kobbari unda, Kobbari lauzu), a simple recipe with very simple and few ingredients. All it takes is 4 ingredients. In our home it is usually made after festival or Pooja day because of all the coconuts we offer to God. Well, we have to make use of them, and this is one way. Another way of using all the coconuts is, of course coconut chutney. I am sure this is how it is in most of the homes. So, try this… Continue reading