Clay Ganesh

All over India it is a tradition to make Ganesha with mud for this Ganesh Chaturdhi festival. If you are in India it is easy to buy this, actually Ganesh idols are also available to buy in USA in most of the cities where there is huge Indian community. Unfortunately, they are not in Canada, or at least I haven’t come across a store selling them. Because of this it has become a tradition for me to make Ganesha myself either with rice flour or clay. I have seen this way of making from a artisan (or vendor) on a local Hyderabad channel. Many years back I also have seen one of my friend make the Ganesha in a similar way. I am not sure if I am mixing up both ways, but I manage to make Ganesha for the pooja to my satisfaction. In each region there are particular traditions about how Ganesha should be sitting, how his hands are supposed to be and so on. This is just the way I make…

Ready to be offered prayers πŸ™‚


Make sure you are smoothing out nicely with your fingers gently after adding each piece, so that it sits securely and will not fall off once dried.


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