February Creations

I can’t believe February passed by so quickly, well at least to me. May be because this blog is keeping me very busy I can’t seem to notice days and weeks passing by. This blog is giving me lots of satisfaction and I am enjoying a lot. It is not always rosy though, I sometimes go about making a dish very excitedly, but forget to take pictures of few important steps or the final dish. It is frustrating as I have to wait until I make the dish again to get the missed picture. Also I realised writing about the process of making crafts is not a very easy one. This blogging process is also making me think of dishes I totally forgot about; which is a good thing because I get to try them again and the whole family can enjoy.

I am glad I could document my Vegetable Wrap for this month; this is one thing which is saving my life when it comes to packing lunches for school. I make the wrap with paneer capsicum, cauliflower tomato, and potato curry. I usually make the potato curry with onions in a different way for the wrap, but suddenly this simple dish has come to mind and I have made it after so long. Soon I will try to post cabbage with tomato which goes well in the wrap too. Semiya upma with vegetables has become favourite lunch for school for my kids these days. Sometimes when I know next day morning is going to be a busy one, I prepare the vegetable mix along with the tempering the previous evening. In the morning I proceed by boiling the required water for vermicelli, once water comes to boil, I add roasted vermicelli and once it is half cooked I add the prepared vegetable mix to it. The result is very quick and fresh upma for breakfast or lunch.

Once you prepare avamenthipodi (MustardMethiRedchilli powder) and store it, preparing homemade chutneys is not very time consuming. Chutneys are so versatile because they can go on breads, rotis for morning breakfast; as a side for idlis, dosas, or upmas; delicious with rice for lunches or dinners.  One such versatile chutney is coriander tomato chutney. Soon beerakaya pachadi (ribbed gourd chutney) is going to be on the blog as I am in the process of drafting it.

Chakkara pongali is made with rice and moong dal but I tried it with chana dal the other day and we really liked it, so I posted chakkara pongali with chana dal.  Rava kesari (sooji halwa) is also very common in our home as it is one of the sweet dishes which can be whipped up easily in few minutes. This time I wanted to incorporate apples and test the results, and it passed with flying colors.

I hope some of you will try my simple card and rectangular gift box; fun ways to make birthdays and gift giving more pleasurable. These are simple crafts to involve teens or tweens in crafting. I believe that getting started is the important step, because from there the crafter can take their skills and interests to wherever their heart desires.

These are my creations for this month’s blog. I am hoping you will try some of them which interests you. And as always I am eager to hear your feedback and inputs.


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