January Creations

Hello Everyone! I am loving this experience of sharing my creations with you all. These past few years I have been crafting a lot and decided to share that excitement with friends and like-minded people of the World Wide Web. My first plan was to have more crafty posts, but also wanted to have recipes in there. Once I got to work, I got carried away with the idea of presenting my recipes.  It is not that my recipes are unique, but I put lot of love and attention to the dishes I am make, and this shows in the way they turn up. So I wanted to share my way of making some of these dishes.

I started with Coriander Pickle, one of my most requested recipes to be made for pot-lucks by my friends. The way it is made, this pickle has longer shelf life than usual chutneys. But, we never get to test it, as it disappears in a week. At least I can guarantee that it stays fresh, without losing its flavor for a week when you don’t compromise on quantity of salt and red chillies along with tamarind. So, give it a try, and share your thoughts.

My other dish Bendakaya Vepudu (Bendi Fry) (Okra fry) is another recipe, I was looking forward to share. My family liked it so much; it is much different than the bendi I make (I have made bendi with onions, with my regular ‘koora podi’ (curry powder), and bendi masala).  This is definitely a recipe you want to add to your list.

Idli Podi is another item I always follow according to the measurements I have come up, so that I get the exact taste. I was about to make this ( Idli podi is usually done about in 3 to 4 weeks) and  it suddenly occurred to me that there might be few who could benefit from this recipe.

I enjoyed experimenting with Banana Bread and really enjoyed eating it. It is a wonderful bread/cake without eggs. It is also a hit with calorie conscious people, because there is no butter and very less oil. The next version of banana bread I want to share would be with sooji (I haven’t made this kind in years, I have completely forgotten about it). So, I would share this in near future, once I perfect it.

There is one more recipe I want to share which I documented after Sankranti festival – Coconut Laddu/Kobbari Unda as I had fresh coconut. A simple dish with few ingredients.

Last but not least I finally managed to photo shoot my Gift Box, which is a simple way to present small gifts. Definitely a project to work with kids. More gift boxes are on the way in the near future.

These are all the projects I could work on this month, the ones I could get blog ready. Hope you’ll find something which interests you.


Coconut Laddu/Kobbari Unda


 Hey folks! I am here with Coconut Laddu (Kobbari unda, Kobbari lauzu), a simple recipe with very simple and few ingredients. All it takes is 4 ingredients. In our home it is usually made after festival or Pooja day because of all the coconuts we offer to God. Well, we have to make use of them, and this is one way. Another way of using all the coconuts is, of course coconut chutney. I am sure this is how it is in most of the homes. So, try this… Continue reading

Gift Box

Hello folks! Today I am going to show you how to make a simple gift box, or to be precise something between a gift box, a gift bag, and a gift wrap. It can be made with a regular A4 size printer paper, Continue reading

Idli Podi


Idli Podi (Idli Powder)

Hello Friends! Today, I am posting a recipe for Idli Podi, which comes in handy, especially during busy times. In our home, it is a staple food. This is one of those recipes, on which we (my mother-in-law and I) worked really hard to get the taste as close as Priya Idli Podi as my son was used to that taste. Continue reading

Banana Bread

I have come up with a version of a good banana bread recipe. I tried banana bread many times, avoiding nuts for my daughter, then avoiding eggs and nuts so that both my son and daughter could eat. Mine always turned to be too moist (not that we mind because the taste was always good). As my son outgrew milk allergies, and he practically lives on yogurt, I have decided to try a recipe with yogurt but still want to use oil as I was using before. Continue reading

Bendakaya Vepudu (Bendi Fry)

Bendakaya Vepudu/Bendi Fry/Okra Fry

Hello folks! Here is a simple recipe for bendakaya vepudu (bendakaya fry, bendi fry), without using much oil. As onions are not used, this can also be a good dish for pooja,vrat and festivals. Flavour of this dish is from the podi (powder), Continue reading

Coriander Pickle

Coriander Pickle (Kothimeera Pachadi)

Today, I will be showing you how to make kothimeera pachadi – my style. It can be made as spicy as you would like. This is also one of my most requested recipes to be made. This is in a similar style like pulihora gongura pachadi, because of addition of tamarind and letting the tamarind boil. Continue reading