Shahi paneer


Shahi Paneer has become one of our regular special treat…it is so popular at home, I often joke to my kids that if it is made too often it will stop being so special. Usually this is one of the ‘rich’ items in restaurants and at many of my friends’ place because they use lots of butter/oil and quite a bit of cashews to get the rich creamy taste. Continue reading



Diwali, which means sweets all around. This is of the sweets this year for the Diwali, so decided to post the recipe of ‘Double ka meeta’, the way I make. ‘Double ka meeta’, is one of the delicious desserts which is popular with kids and adults alike. It is made with everyday ingredients but is considered ‘rich’ and ‘popular’ desserts because of the taste. Continue reading



There are many forms of kadi from different places in India…this is the way my Mom makes and she learned it when they were living in Delhi. It is so simple to make and goes very well with rice dishes and rotis. The taste of this dish can be easily altered and enhanced Continue reading

MintToordaal Chutney

KandiPudina Pachadi

Kandi pachadi is chutney made from toor daal, and is served with rice. This Pachadi is coarse and slightly thick in consistency as opposed to chutneys made for idlis and dosas. It is very common and mostly liked by all in Andhra families. It is easy to make and requires very few ingredients. Continue reading



Pongal or Pongali is very simple yet quite a special dish for many South Indians. This is a very versatile dish which can be served as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This is a one pot meal, which makes it ideal for those busy days too. Continue reading

Baked Okra

After trying this dish this way, I realized this is the best way to make bendi(bhindi) fry. Usually bendi fry takes quite a bit of oil if you want the bendi to be fried crispy. It also takes lot of effort to stir the bendi pieces so that they don’t stick to the pan Continue reading


Here is the recipe for Sorakaya Pulusu (Bottlegourd/Lauki pulusu). Pulusu is somewhere between sambaar and rasam but has its own unique place in telugu families. It has flavour of sambaar because vegetables are cooked using tamarind just like sambaar, Continue reading