Diwali, which means sweets all around. This is of the sweets this year for the Diwali, so decided to post the recipe of ‘Double ka meeta’, the way I make. ‘Double ka meeta’, is one of the delicious desserts which is popular with kids and adults alike. It is made with everyday ingredients but is considered ‘rich’ and ‘popular’ desserts because of the taste. Continue reading


AcrylicHenna Butterfly

IMG_20170619_193542137_HDRThis is another way to try Henna Acrylic designs. I bought this wooden butterfly from a dollar store..was 3 dollars. I found that acrylic paints filled in cones( fill the cones with acrylic paints just like you would fill it up with mehandi and seal ) works very well on wood. This is the way I did it… Continue reading