Sharpie Bowl

Here is a simple project kids and grown-ups alike can have fun making it. This is all the craze in the crafty world since few years– Pinterest is full of these projects. I had seen many pictures, finally could not resist and had to try my hand. Usually I wait, wait for long time before I decide to do some craft, but suddenly I can’t wait anymore – I have to try it right then and there. So I did not go shopping to buy any mugs or bowls, but used something I had at home. I really can’t remember how I got to have that, probably as some return gift (it must be in a tambulam for varalakshmi vratam Pooja).  I also used regular sharpie pens because I had them already, not the oil-based ones like some suggest.

Anyway I read that this sharpie technique works if the glaze on the ceramic is less, which usually means cheaper items. This did look like it falls into that category so I went to work on it immediately.



  • I cleaned the bowl and let it completely dry.
  • Thought of how I want the bowl to be decorated; few doodles on a paper gave me an idea.
  • I went ahead and drew on the bowl. I felt it was little lighter, so I carefully went over the designs again to make it darker. I drew on the bottom of the bowl too – could not stop myself.
  • I let this dry completely for 24 days (wait longer if you can – like 2 days).
  • I put this in the oven, set the temperature to 375 degrees F and baked for half an hour. Then switched off the oven after half an hour but did not take the bowl out. I waited until the oven temperature came back to normal (like four hours) and then took the bowl out.  This step is important, apparently you don’t want the bowl (with sharpie pen ink) to undergo sudden temperature changes, which means no preheating and also no taking the bowl out once you bake for 30 minutes.
  • My bowl was ready!



  • Usually colours are altered slightly after the bake. The black I used was good, but pink faded a little.
  • I did not put this in the dishwasher, hand washed it few times.
  • I am not sure if such sharpie decorated items are food safe; I use it for decorative purposes only.
  • If I ever do it on a coffee mug, I will make sure not to decorate it near the rim of the mug.





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