AcrylicHenna Butterfly

IMG_20170619_193542137_HDRThis is another way to try Henna Acrylic designs. I bought this wooden butterfly from a dollar store..was 3 dollars. I found that acrylic paints filled in cones( fill the cones with acrylic paints just like you would fill it up with mehandi and seal ) works very well on wood. This is the way I did it… Continue reading


Clay Ganesh

All over India it is a tradition to make Ganesha with mud for this Ganesh Chaturdhi festival. If you are in India it is easy to buy this, actually Ganesh idols are also available to buy in USA in most of the cities where there is huge Indian community. Unfortunately, they are not in Canada, Continue reading

Twine Vases

We accumulated these tumblers as free gifts from a local university when kids participated in a trivia competition. I have been saving them for few years but could not find a proper use for them (I did use one as a pencil holder). I was almost ready to get rid of them but crafty mind in me Continue reading

Henna with Acrylic Paints


Hello friends! I have been seeing this art – Henna with acrylic paints around and was amazed. I have also seen a lady selling glass candle holders with henna art in a craft fair and I thought they looked lovely. This is being done on candles, Continue reading

Sharpie Bowl

Here is a simple project kids and grown-ups alike can have fun making it. This is all the craze in the crafty world since few years– Pinterest is full of these projects. I had seen many pictures, finally could not resist and had to try my hand. Continue reading

Rectangular Gift Box

Hello Friends! I made this gift box with two 8 ½’’  x 11’’ size card stock; one for the bottom and one for the lid. I designed the box such a way that I waste minimum amount of paper and get maximum size for the gift box. Continue reading

Simple Card


Making and giving a handmade card gives lot of satisfaction. It tells the person, we have taken time to think about him/her. Because of easy phone and email access, it got easier to get in touch with friends and family; but next time try giving them a handmade card to surprise them or just renew the tradition of giving cards. Continue reading