Twine Vases

We accumulated these tumblers as free gifts from a local university when kids participated in a trivia competition. I have been saving them for few years but could not find a proper use for them (I did use one as a pencil holder). I was almost ready to get rid of them but crafty mind in me Continue reading

Henna with Acrylic Paints


Hello friends! I have been seeing this art – Henna with acrylic paints around and was amazed. I have also seen a lady selling glass candle holders with henna art in a craft fair and I thought they looked lovely. This is being done on candles, Continue reading

Sharpie Bowl

Here is a simple project kids and grown-ups alike can have fun making it. This is all the craze in the crafty world since few years– Pinterest is full of these projects. I had seen many pictures, finally could not resist and had to try my hand. Continue reading

Rectangular Gift Box

Hello Friends! I made this gift box with two 8 ½’’  x 11’’ size card stock; one for the bottom and one for the lid. I designed the box such a way that I waste minimum amount of paper and get maximum size for the gift box. Continue reading

Simple Card


Making and giving a handmade card gives lot of satisfaction. It tells the person, we have taken time to think about him/her. Because of easy phone and email access, it got easier to get in touch with friends and family; but next time try giving them a handmade card to surprise them or just renew the tradition of giving cards. Continue reading

Gift Box

Hello folks! Today I am going to show you how to make a simple gift box, or to be precise something between a gift box, a gift bag, and a gift wrap. It can be made with a regular A4 size printer paper, Continue reading