Welcome Friends!

Hello Everyone! I am so excited about this blog. This is a wonderful way to share what I do with like-minded folks all around the world. I love working with paper – which made me try paper flowers, tissue paper flowers, card making, and recently quilling.


I also worked on silk thread jewellery – a beautiful craft with awesome results. No particular skill is required other thanΒ lots of patience.


This is wonderful way to enter the crafting arena. I also make greeting cards; usually I put together a few cards in a handmade box and gift this to friends and family. Sewing is another thing which I try my hand at when the inspiration strikes.


I am going to take you all through my journey; some of you might be inspired to pick one of these crafts. Once in a while I would like to throw in a cooking recipe as and when I perfect a recipe and document it. I was doing this all along to share my recipes with the people I know personally and got a good feedback.

I participate in craft fairs as a vendor showcasing my flower arrangements, silk thread bangles, handmade pouches, and purses. The reason I ventured into blogging is to connect with other crafters, hoping beginners will be inspired by my work and also to learn from you all amateurs and professionals alike. I really appreciate you taking time to go through my blog and would welcome constructive feedback.


9 thoughts on “Welcome Friends!

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  2. Lovely Blog Neeraja 😊 I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award ! (2, 3, 4 & 5). Participation is optional but it’s a lot of fun!
    Here is the link
    Congratulations 😊

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