Gift Box

Hello folks! Today I am going to show you how to make a simple gift box, or to be precise something between a gift box, a gift bag, and a gift wrap. It can be made with a regular A4 size printer paper, but a good quality heavy weight paper, a scrapbooking paper, a cardstock all work well.

It is a wonderful project for kids to work on. They can fill it up with little things to give as gifts for the family and friends. It is also perfect for gift wrapping candies and small chocolates.Let’s get started.

Things Needed:

8 ½ x 11 inches paper






Here, I am taking an 8 ½ by 11 inches decorative paper (used as layers for greeting cards).


As I want the decorative side to be outside, I am going to flip it and mark the markings on the other side.

We need 7 ½ inches square with atleast ½ space all around. Mark midpoint on the four sides.


Take a plate and join the midpoints like this.


Now, join the corner points and midpoints on each side (towards the outer side of the square).


Cut along the outer curve (we need the square along with the outer curve). Take the plate and put it along one of the curve like this.


Press the cardstock against it from the other side. Do this on four sides.


Place the ruler along the straight line and press the outer curves. Do this on all four sides.

snapshot_007                 snapshot_008

Now, press these outer curves like this.


At this point, when you get all the four sides to the middle it will start looking like a box; make creases along the curves gently to help keep the shape.


Punch holes in all the four corners.

Start passing the ribbon from one hole, continue through all the other three holes, and pass it back through the first hole. Pull the ribbon; tie a knot and a bow.



Gift Box is ready! Perfect for gift wrapping few chocolates or homemade cookies.




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