Vegetable Wrap

Wrap with Chapathi

Wraps are convenient way to take lunches for school or work. It can be made with any kind of flat bread you prefer, tortilla, roti, 100% whole wheat roti. Curries which have right amount of moisture work perfectly for this wrap. Of course curries with gravies make this wrap soggy, so it won’t work. Some of our favourites are Cauliflower tomato curry,Paneer capsicum curry, and potato curry.

Take aluminium foil of little bigger size than the chapathi. Place chapathi on it.


Take required amount of subzi and put it in the middle, lengthwise.


Fold the bottom portion like this.


First, first fold one side and then the other side.



 Now fold the aluminium foil, the same way we did with chapathi (first bottom, second fold one side, and then the other side).


img_20170130_071105142                      img_20170130_071112837

 Finally, fold the top portion like this. Your wrap is secure and ready to take for lunches.

 img_20170130_071126064                    img_20170130_071128396

Convenient and mess free!




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