Today I am going to post ‘Sunnundalu’, one of the traditional sweets of Andhra Pradesh. I loved this urad dal laddu (MinapaSunni) as a child very much but did not make this very often all these years; thinking it takes lot of ghee. Continue reading



I know for most of Hindu Indians, March 29th was start of the New Year celebtrated as Ugadi and Gudi Padwa. Like every year and every festival I missed our family and India so much on this day. But we celebrated the festival enthusiastically Continue reading


This is one way I make Tindora curry (dondakaya koora) with onions. This variety and the one sprinkled with curry powder (Koora podi) are most common in my household and luckily liked by everyone. Stuffed tindora subzi or even deep fried tindora Continue reading

Bengalgram Curry with Dill

Chana daal curry with Dill  or SenagapappuDill

Yes, a curry (subzi) with daal. Well, I treat this as a curry because the daal is soaked and added to the dish just as any other vegetable would be added. It is also cooked just right, not too soft like usually daals are cooked. Continue reading

Sharpie Bowl

Here is a simple project kids and grown-ups alike can have fun making it. This is all the craze in the crafty world since few years– Pinterest is full of these projects. I had seen many pictures, finally could not resist and had to try my hand. Continue reading

BeerakayaPachadi/RibbedGourd Chutney

Here is the recipe for another chutney/pachadi – Beerakaya Pachadi (Ribbed gourd Chutney). It is a very common pachadi and very much liked by telugu families. As I said in my previous chutneys’ posts once you make AvaMenthiPodi/RaiMethiPowder and keep it, it is very easy to make this or any other chutney. Continue reading

Moongdal paayasam

Hello Friends! Recently, I wanted to take a dessert for a get-together but did not plan anything ahead. So I was going through my pantry, looking at the ingredients and thinking what kind of dessert I could make from them. Finally decided to make moongdal paayasam or pesara pappu paayasam Continue reading