February Creations

I can’t believe February passed by so quickly, well at least to me. May be because this blog is keeping me very busy I can’t seem to notice days and weeks passing by. This blog is giving me lots of satisfaction and I am enjoying a lot. It is not always rosy though, Continue reading


Apple RavaKesari/Apple SoojiHalwa

Rava kesari is very common for festivals and poojas. It is very common but one which never gets old. In fact it brings all those sweet childhood memories back. As it can be made in a jiffy (especially if you have roasted sooji)

Continue reading

Chakkara Pongali

I always make chakkara pongali with moong dal (pesara pappu); I had to improvise and make it with channa dal because I was out of moong dal. To my surprise, the taste was equally good, so here is the recipe. Continue reading


Semiya upma makes a very good breakfast. It can be turned into a very healthy breakfast by adding vegetables of your choice. Our favourite vegetables for this are beans, carrots and potatoes. Continue reading

Rectangular Gift Box

Hello Friends! I made this gift box with two 8 ½’’  x 11’’ size card stock; one for the bottom and one for the lid. I designed the box such a way that I waste minimum amount of paper and get maximum size for the gift box. Continue reading

Coriander Tomato Chutney/Kothimeera-Tomato Pachadi

Today’s recipe is kothimeera-tomato pachadi(coriander-tomato), versatile chutney which goes well with many main dishes. I sometimes make similar chutney, but just doubling the tomatoes quantity and reducing the coriander leaves. Continue reading


Once you make this powder and keep it handy, making andhra style chutneys (roti pachadlu) is no sweat. I can confidently say these are the secret ingredients to all homemade chutneys in telugu families. Continue reading