AcrylicHenna Butterfly

IMG_20170619_193542137_HDRThis is another way to try Henna Acrylic designs. I bought this wooden butterfly from a dollar store..was 3 dollars. I found that acrylic paints filled in cones( fill the cones with acrylic paints just like you would fill it up with mehandi and seal ) works very well on wood. This is the way I did it…

  • First I visualized the butterfly wings and made a marking with pencil. Other than that everything else is as it comes to my mind.
  • But once I paint something on one side I would replicate the design on the other side too.
  • After I finished the whole butterfly, I let it dry for about 15 minutes.
  • As the colours are light pastel colours I decided to decorate it with few embellishments I had on hand. I used normal craft glue (fevicryl) which dries quickly.
  • I gave another 1 hour for a complete dry.
  • I could have left it like that but decided to apply two layers of Modpodge to give nice varnish effect and also good shine. Took about 2 tbsp of Modpodge into a small bowl and applied it to the dried art with a foam brush. I applied two coats giving 1 hour to dry between the coats. For those of you who are new to Modpodge, it is a kind of glue which can be used for decoupage techniques as it dries clear and to give nice varnish effect.IMG_20170817_153118888IMG_20170618_165740570

Decorating the Butterfly is done!!


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