Henna with Acrylic Paints


Hello friends! I have been seeing this art – Henna with acrylic paints around and was amazed. I have also seen a lady selling glass candle holders with henna art in a craft fair and I thought they looked lovely. This is being done on candles, glass, canvas, wood etc. I was very hesitant to try as it seems little intimidating. One of my friends thought I can do this fairly easily and encouraged me to try.   As I do mehendi designs and other crafts, she thought it won’t be too complicated for me to get the hang of it. Well, she was right. Once I held the cone, I did not want to stop. These are the first things I tried; I will update when I try them on small wooden boxes and photo frames.

I did not buy anything specific for this project…

Canvas 8 x 10 size

Few Dollar store paints

and homemade cones filled with acrylic paints



As all the cones are similar I dabbed each cone with a little paint to differentiate them.


This is a cardstock gift box I had at home; I tried henna designs and it works well on cardstock too…IMG_20170326_192419545

Few points to remember if you want to try this:

  • It definitely helps if you are used to doing mehendi designs, if not draw the design with a pencil and go over it with the paint cone.
  • Acrylic paint is way runny than henna; henna has some stretch to it. Try few lines on a paper or a cardstock to get the feel of it.
  • The opening of the cone should be very small, even compared to the opening of the henna cone.
  • Finish outer lines of the designs first and wait until it dries if you can and then finish the inner filler designs. It is not necessary to do so, but it helps.

Hope, you get to try this art form…your thoughts, comments, and constructive feedback are much appreciated.


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