Rectangular Gift Box

Hello Friends! I made this gift box with two 8 ½’’  x 11’’ size card stock; one for the bottom and one for the lid. I designed the box such a way that I waste minimum amount of paper and get maximum size for the gift box.

I thought 2 inches is the good height for the box. As the card stock is 8 ½’’  x 11’’, box size would be 4 ½” x 7’’ (8 ½’’ minus 2’’ for one side, 2’’ for another side; 11’’ minus 2’’ for one side and 2’’ for another side). I used a scoreboard for scoring, but we can mark the the line and use the ruler. Score at 2’’ and again at 9’’ on the 11’’ side. Score at 2’’ and again at 6 ½’’ on the 8 1/2 ’’ side of the paper.



At the score line, bend and press with the bone folder (If you are marking the line, place a ruler at the line, press the cardstock towards inside and press).



Make cuts like this in the four corners.


Apply glue and stick to the side like this.



Bottom part of the box is ready!


As the height of the box is 2 inches, depth of the lid can be anywhere from ¾’’ to 2’’. I don’t like the lid to cover the entire height of the box, so I choose 1’’ as the depth of the lid.

For the lid to easily go over the box, it should be slightly bigger than the box size. But it should not be any bigger than it is necessary as the lid will come off easily when you hold the box. So the lid should be just 1/8’’ bigger than the box width and length.

I took different shade of the blue for the lid. Score at 1’’ and again 8 1/8’’ on the 11’’ side of the cardstock. Score at 1’’ and again at 5 5/8’’ on the 8 ½’’ side of the cardstock.


Bend, fold and press all the sides. Cut the corners like this.


Glue like this. The lid is ready!


Box is ready!


Adding few embellishments like this makes the box festive and decorative.

img_20170208_132755145    img_20170208_133403856



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