Twine Vases

We accumulated these tumblers as free gifts from a local university when kids participated in a trivia competition. I have been saving them for few years but could not find a proper use for them (I did use one as a pencil holder). I was almost ready to get rid of them but crafty mind in me kept saying find a use for them. I tried decoupage technique on one tumbler, but did not work very well, probably because of the choice of decorative papers I used (I should perfect this soon). Found a thick twine (something like thick cotton thread) and decided to use this to wrap the tumbler. It worked very well and gave the vase little bit of organic look. Since this technique was working, I went to our local dollar store and raided their craft section (my favourite section in the dollar store). I found two thick cotton thread spools in red and black and used them on two tumblers.

I think this works on any kind of bottles, tins.

This is one way to go about it…

  • Take one side of the string from the spool and stick about 5 cms of it at the top of the container where you want your wrapping to start.
  • Make sure you use right kind of glue. Hot glue sticks quickly, but I did not like the way glue hardens and sticks out little bit. Regular Elmer’s school glue is okay, but it takes few minutes for the thread to stick there…should be patient. I liked Fevicryl (fabric glue from India) very much, reason being it sticks much quicker than school glue.
  • Start wrapping your thread around the container making sure there is no gap between the threads(between each round).
  • Every few rounds, I glued about 5 cms of thread to the container just to make sure it stays tightly wrapped.
  • Once you come to the end, glue the end of the thread to the container.
  • I glued lace on one tumbler and wrapped natural twine on another after wrapping the cotton thread from top to bottom to give it a different dimension.



As I make tissue paper flowers, I used them in different combinations. But these can be decorated in different ways as per your taste.


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